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Posted on Wednesday, October 25, 2023
At Matter Labs, we believe freedom drives progress and prosperity. We don’t see ourselves as a company, but as a team aligned around a single mission: to advance personal freedom for all (see ZK Credo).
To achieve this goal, we’re building zkSync — a credibly neutral, fully open source technology stack and network on top of Ethereum, which is owned and governed by its community. We use advanced cryptography called zero-knowledge proofs to scale Ethereum infinitely without compromising on security or decentralization. With a world-class team, a community of over 1M supporters across Twitter + Discord, and hundreds of millions $ in funding, we have abundant resources to accomplish the mission.
The Role
We are looking for a Research Scientist to join our Research Team, specifically working with our leading Cryptography function. We are looking for an accomplished researcher with a PhD in relevant areas of computer science interested in working on various aspects of the complex system that MatterLabs is building, and various aspects of applied cryptography related to zero-knowledge proofs.
We expect you to have a track record of research in a relevant area and to be connected to both the academic community and industrial practice. Experience of working on other blockchain projects is a plus but not a requirement. This role is full-time with a strong preference for candidates located within the broader US or EU.

What You'll Be Doing

  • We expect you to be an expert in your field and to apply your knowledge and expertise to come up with solutions relevant to what MatterLabs is building
  • We expect you to work with both research scientists as well as engineers and engineering managers to get what you produce deployed
  • We expect you to be a member of the academic community and to read and possibly write papers, listen and possibly give presentations, in order to stay abreast of the most recent developments as they happen

What We Look For in You

  • Demonstrated experience of working with zero knowledge proofs and a history of publications
  • A PhD in computer science or related discipline
  • A track record of research relevant to or deployed in an industrial setting
  • Ability and willingness to produce technical blogs, reports, and papers
  • Deep understanding of software engineering best-practices
  • Ownership mindset and a track record of successfully accomplished projects
  • In-depth knowledge of common algorithms, data structures, and their computational & memory complexities
  • Proven publication history
  • Experience implementing complex prototypes both from scratch and based on existing code bases
  • Ability to produce code that leads to industrial deployment
  • English is your native language or you are completely fluent
Working at Matter Labs
At Matter Labs, you have the freedom to work how you want, when you want, and from where you want. All positions are 100% remote (with optional travel to team and/or industry events). We operate in lean and nimble teams, with no time tracking and minimum bureaucracy. We move fast. Only results matter. We will provide you with everything you need to learn, grow, and be productive.
Our results-only environment means anyone who believes in our mission can join us, regardless of background, sexual orientation, race, gender, and age. Both our team and community are made up of people from diverse backgrounds. That's why, out of politeness and respect, we refrain from opinions on politics, religion, or sex at the workplace.
We designed our culture around the tenants of freedom and ownership. This ethos will underpin our positive-sum community as we evolve toward full decentralization.
If this role resonates with you, apply now for prompt feedback.
Read more about working at Matter Labs here.
Important: We are remote-first, operating in the timezones between UTC-5 (Latam and Atlantic Coast) to UTC+7 (South-East Asia). While we’re currently not hiring in the US, we do consider US-based applicants willing to relocate.