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Software Engineering
Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2022

RedStone is a quickly growing startup building a data-processing layer on top of the Arweave data storage chain implementing a smart-contracts SDK. Our mission is to unlock the potential of Web3 by providing a missing part of the core blockchain infrastructure and enabling smart contracts to process large chunks of data.

We are a result-oriented and motivated small team with the aim of becoming the top solution for decentralized data logic.

What about us?

Today the RedStone team consists of 8 strong players, with experience in both traditional Software companies (like Google) and Blockchain projects (like Open Zeppelin).

You can check our crew here:

Why you should join us?

We are not building another memecoin or NFT project!

Our goal is to significantly improve core blockchain infrastructure and bring real value to the blockchain space.

In joining us you will enter a rapidly growing ecosystem and take, what is called by former Google, Meta, and Amazon devs, a once-in-generation opportunity.

RedStone is one of the main partners of ETHWarsaw (, the biggest Web3 conference & hackathon in the CEE region. We will deliver there 2 developers oriented workshops around RedStone Oracles and Warp Contracts architecture and spark technical curiosity in participants around these key blockchain topics. ** What is our current tech stack?**

  • Javascript / Typescript;
  • Node.js, PM2;
  • Wasm - Go, Rust, AssemblyScript;
  • AWS (Cloudfront, EC2, RDS, ALB, Cloudwatch Logs, Cloudwatch metrics);
  • Docker;
  • GitHub (GitHub actions for CI and CD);
  • PostgreSQL;
  • Vue.js, React.

What will be your responsibilities?

  • Implementing a set of modules facilitating data-driven smart contracts;
  • Building indexing tools for blockchain transactions;
  • Deployment and monitoring of blockchain nodes;
  • Participating in the protocol design process of the smart-contracts platform.

What are our expectations?

  • At least 5 years of professional experience;
  • Proficiency in Typescript;
  • Deep knowledge of Node.js ecosystem and tools;
  • Familiarity with multi-layer and multi-node architecture patterns;
  • Knowledge of common security practices;
  • Coding skill - ability to write readable, well-tested  and performant software;
  • Basic DevOps skills and experience with AWS deployment and monitoring.

What we consider a huge asset?

  • Working knowledge of RUST or Golang;
  • Experience developing or designing P2P distributed systems;
  • Experience in blockchain technologies & understanding of consensus mechanisms;
  • Experience with running blockchain nodes;
  • Knowledge of Cosmos SDK;
  • Experience with modular blockchain architecture (sidechains, rollups).

What we offer?

  • Attractive salary
  • Token allocation (our valuation went 10x in the past few months);
  • Financial stability for at least a few years (we’ve recently closed our Seed round);
  • Remote work with a flexible work schedule or Office space / Co-working subscription (WeWork);
  • An opportunity to build a product that is useful for developers and solves a real and existing problem;
  • Real influence on the product and the opportunity to play a key role in the team;
  • Modern tech and DevOps stack, no legacy code to maintain;
  • Opportunity to be up-to-date with trends and the newest Blockchain space Concepts;
  • Paid vacation;
  • Conferences and offsite events;
  • Top-level work equipment (MacBooks).

Find out more about us and join our team on a great adventure!


RedStone SDK (execution engine)

Redstone Gateway (transaction indexing)

Redstone smart-contracts templates (multi-language project starters)

Redstone Academy (dev tutorials)

RedStone Twitter